Quality Policy

In TEDA-MM we pay particular attention to product quality, business processes and safe working conditions.

We have implemented a number of standardized management systems:


ISO 9001:2015                               BS OHASA 18001:2007



Good manufacturing and hygiene practices

To meet our clients’ expectations, concerning the production of food packaging, we strictly comply with the necessary conditions for the hygiene of production resources.



The materials which we use for our products are delivered only by approved suppliers. For each delivery they provide a quality certificate and food contact certificate, if such is required. We work mainly with big companies of international recognition.

Suppliers such as BASF, Ultrapolymers, Resinex, Hellenic Petroleum are among our long term partners.



WE produce our packaging in an ecological way. All new products are designed in a way, which allows them to be produced using the least amount of material. The optimal shape leads to optimization of weight, which reduces the energy consumption for production.

The technological waste is processed 100% and in this way the production process is waste free.

The new building uses the most modern technologies for energy efficiency - insulation panels, natural roof lighting, LED-lighting in the premises. Thus the energy consumption is minimized.

The heat dissipation from the machines and the compressors is being used for heating of the production premises.